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Are not hairdressers an essential business?

Recently, in a television interview, a very angry hairdresser alleged that she did not understand why hairdressers were not considered essential businesses in times of the coronavirus.

For some reason, she argued the social good of the service provided in a hairdressing salon.

“A woman cannot go outside if she does not feel good about herself. The image is very important to a person. The first therapy we give ourselves every day is to get ready in front of the mirror and find that social self that we want to project. ”

“In the case of women, hairdressers play a fundamental role in achieving that image that provides security when going to work or interacting socially.”

“Well, yes,” she reaffirmed, “we are an essential business and yet we were closed. I do not understand why”.

And the angry hairdresser is very right. You just need to enter one of those salons and see all the treatments that clients receive. They start at the head and end at the toenails.

Virtually the entire body is cared for. “Stand at the door of a salon and you will see that customers always come out with a smile.”

Now, can you imagine that a hairdresser uses a product that, without knowing it, has come to her in poor condition? Inadvertently, it could cause significant damage to a regular customer’s hair or face, including burns. We have agreed that the image is very important for people. Well, that client will have to go to the doctor, she will receive cures and aesthetic treatments. Maybe he’ll even be out of work for a while.

Do not hesitate, the client will sue the hairdresser. And it will require the most expensive financial repairs. Unless the salon has good liability insurance, this lawsuit could mean the end of that essential business.

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