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What your home roof says about your homeowner’s insurance

What your home roof says about your homeowner’s insurance. MIAMI.- For those who live in a state threatened by hurricanes, the roof is an important factor when buying a home. It is the first line of protection of the house against storms and where the danger of winds and rains is concentrated.

So much so, that the type of roof and the state of it will influence the price of home insurance.

Despite the fact that in South Florida it is common to see houses with gabled roofs, specialists (The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing, PATH) point out that these tend to suffer more damage from the force of the winds than a roof to four waters.

Another fundamental aspect is the material used in the covering, the type of tile they have. That its structure is well secured, with enough nails, and well anchored to the structure of the house will also influence.

We are not recommending that someone interested in buying a property with a gable roof does not do it, we are giving you information that may be key if you must choose between two houses that you like and differ by the type of roof. Call Univista Insurance and our specialists can explain how that feature can influence your home insurance. What your home roof says about your homeowner’s insurance.

The important thing, whatever the type of roof, is having a good policy that protects you from potential damage to your property.

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