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Enroll Now for Obamacare!

From last November 1 to December 15, the registration period for medical insurance was opened under the federal law known as Obamacare.
Obamacare is not health insurance, it is a law that regulates the aspects that health insurance must include being considered affordable for the population.
This law regulates access to primary care, specialists, hospitalization, emergencies, laboratories, medical tests, care for pregnant women, and, most importantly, removes the obstacles of pre-existing diseases.
This last point is very important. Before the existence of this law, people with chronic diseases who purchased health insurance had to wait two years for the policy to cover it. Diseases such as cancer or cardiovascular disease fell into this category. It was painfully paradoxical that, despite paying for insurance, their policies excluded the beneficiary’s worst ailment for two years.
Enroll Now for 2021 Health Coverage! Opportunity for low-income people
For people with low and moderate incomes, Obamacare is a unique opportunity for quality health insurance subsidized by the government.
With this law, policyholders can buy good health insurance at a very low price and get all its benefits.

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