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If you have dental insurance, know this

If you have dental insurance, it is important that you know this

November and December is the time of the year to renew or take out the insurance that helps us keep our oral health and the bright smile and above all, it is the time to spend the annual dental coverage.
Many people with dental insurance are unaware that they have a $ 1,000 or $ 2,000 maximum annual coverage. It is the money that the insurers allocate to cover the insured payments in the different treatments of a patient.
If you have a major procedure like a crown, bridge, or implant to be had, remember that most insurance covers up to 50% of these jobs. To do this, they use the amount of annual coverage. If this money is not spent by December 31, it is lost. Since it cannot be transferred to the next year.
Therefore, if you have dental insurance, you should take advantage of these last days of the year and have all the pending treatments until your annual coverage is exhausted.
Talk to your dentist and tell her that you want to take advantage of the money you have left in your coverage and plan your dental treatments.
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