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Homeowners insurance before buying my home?

Should I have homeowners insurance before buying my home? Buying your dream home can be exhausting. When, finally, after weeks or months of searching, you manage to sign a purchase contract, it is really when a race begins until the so-called closing. You have to make the deposits, inspections, deliver documents, letters from the employer, verify the titles, the appraisal, and the haggling by the parties, all of this governed by a temporary table that, if breached, can mean the loss of the contract and start over.
As if all this were not enough, you have to take time to look for home insurance that suits your needs and protects the property you are going to acquire. Yes, as you hear, the lenders or Lenders will require two or three weeks before closing to present evidence of insurance.
Although it is not a legal requirement, it is a condition to obtain the mortgage. The lender will request insurance that covers 100% of the replacement of the property or the price of construction of the same.
You ask yourself, how is it possible that I insure a house that is not yet mine? For this, a special contract is created with the insurer where it is established that, from the purchase, the house will be insured.
As you can see, homeowner’s insurance is one of the expenses to take into account when deciding to buy a home. Be careful, because it is very common for lenders to require you to pay a year in advance at the closing ceremony. We are talking about $ 2,000 or $ 3,000, or more. Should I have homeowners insurance before buying my home?
That said, if you are buying a home, you will need homeowner’s insurance. Contact Univista Insurance and you will get the cheapest prices on the market. The insurance advisors will give you close attention and will explain all the doubts you have in this regard.

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