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Transport merchandise during hurricane season

Tips for transporting merchandise during hurricane season. More than the 15.5 million trucks that operate in the US are responsible for transporting 70% of all cargo in the country. That is, a little more than 671 billion dollars in retail and manufactured products. Trucking is an essential activity for the American economy. However, at times, it is very dangerous due to road conditions and weather.
In hurricane season, which runs from June 1 to November 30, truckers must increase safety measures. Therefore, we want to share some tips that, if you comply, will help you prevent accidents and take the merchandise safely to its destination. It is no secret that safety always begins with preventive measures. Well, the first preventive step is to do a rigorous inspection of the truck before each departure.
In addition to reviewing the technical and mechanical parts of the vehicle, you should make sure you have an emergency kit, which includes flashing lights, a cell phone with a charger, bottled water, canned food, reflective vests, and a first aid kit.
When designing your route before the trip, you should check with the Department of Transportation the conditions of the roads to see which ones are closed to traffic due to the threat of a storm. This will help you avoid areas where a state of emergency has been declared.
Avoiding flooded roads is key. Although trucks are the tallest vehicles, the water-covered road can hide debris, holes, or extensive deterioration that can cause an accident. Even the force of the water could overturn your truck with the entire load.
If you are hit by a storm on the road, we recommend that you drive at a moderate speed. Be aware that crosswinds and wet roads can make good driving difficult.
If the weather conditions are very difficult, stop your truck in a safe place and take shelter. Keep in mind that after every storm, calm always comes. Tips for transporting merchandise during hurricane season.
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