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Top Six Causes of Truck Accident

Top Six Causes of Truck Accidents. A trucker drives an average of 500 miles a day to carry his load from one point to another. They travel about 125,000 miles a year, dealing with varying weather conditions, heavy congestion, and rough roads, usually alone.
Many of the accidents are avoidable. For this reason, it is important to master the main causes.
According to numerous studies, fatigue is the main cause of accidents for carriers. Truckers usually work around the clock. This stress causes them to drive long distances without the required rest. The consequences of this lack of rest are fatigue, which worsens the ability to react or even causes many to fall asleep at the helm.
The second cause of accidents is distraction. A long trip, in a monotonous environment, on straight and endless roads where there is little radio or telephone signal coverage, is fatal for drivers. In these conditions, they will try to text on their phones, look for programs that are recorded, will divert their eyes more from the peaceful road and that is where accidents arise.
The third cause is the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs. The very style of lonely work and long hours makes many drivers seek help from cocaine and amphetamine, according to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. “30% of drivers admit that they use amphetamine, 50% consume alcohol and 3% cocaine.”
The fourth cause is the lack of training of new drivers. Many begin to drive long routes without first experiencing adverse weather conditions, such as snow, torrential downpours, or strong winds.
The fifth cause is improper load placement. Trucks have specific procedures and regulations based on cargo type, weight, size, length, width, and height. Any violation of these parameters is a common cause of accidents.
And the sixth cause is the lack of inspection of the vehicles. Many trucks hit the road without proper maintenance, creating great dangers on the road. Top Six Causes of Truck Accidents.
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