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I can’t find my car, what do I do?

I can’t find my car, what do I do? It has happened to all of us that sometimes we return to the place where we think we have left the car and we do not see it. The first thing we do is search the nearby areas, we try to locate ourselves, lest we be looking in the wrong place.
If you are in a shopping center parking lot, you should go through it in an organized way, be guided by the numbers of the squares and the different floors. If you still cannot find it, it is best to ask for help from the parking security services. They know if a tow truck has been towing badly parked cars. Remember that shopping centers usually offer free parking only for their customers and monitor those who park without being customers to tow their cars. This is a very lucrative business.
If there is no surveillance service, try calling tow truck services. In the car parks, there are signs that announce the telephone number of the cranes that operate in that town.
Once it has been verified that the car has not been towed. So someone has definitely stolen your car. Now what?
Well, the most important step is to communicate as soon as possible with the Police. The less time you waste, the more chances to track the car. The Police will ask you for its characteristics, the license plate, if you have any item to track it, GPS, SunPass transponder, or mini sticker from the SunPass prepaid program. These devices can help you locate it. After making the report to the authorities, you should call your insurance company.
If you have comprehensive coverage and the car is not listed, you will receive compensation for the market value of your vehicle. Insurance companies generally wait 30 days before issuing a check for car theft. If you do not have this coverage, then save money to buy another cart. I can’t find my car, what do I do?
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