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BOP, insurance to protect you from ruin

BOP, the insurance tailored to protect you from ruin. Roberto went into debt up to his eyebrows to open a very modern and sophisticated restaurant, where detail was not lacking. The place had a large living room with fine furniture and a piano, six small booths, a beautiful terrace with tables scattered among trees, and Roman statues around a fountain with water. He had an impressive wine cellar, where he treasured rich wines of French and Spanish origin, according to him, “the best in the world”.
A week after the grand opening of the restaurant, at dawn, several vandals entered to steal and in addition to stealing everything they could, they broke the expensive decorations, the tables, the cellars, some kitchen utensils that were not exactly cheap. Anyway, they made great destruction in the whole place.
When Roberto arrived at the site, warned by the police, in his head he only had one idea: “I’m broke,” he had to pay thousands of dollars a month and his source of income was ground.
However, his fears were allayed by talking to his insurance company and they promised that they would pay for all damages covered in the contract.
And so it was, three days later, the restaurant was repaired and open to the public, offering the same exclusive product that Roberto, with so much imagination, had created for his gourmet customers. When I asked him what insurance he had. He answered me:
“I got a Business Owner’s Insurance or BOP package, especially for restaurants, which my agent recommended to me. The package includes General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Business Interruption Insurance, Civil Liability Insurance on the elaborated product, Arts Insurance, and also had the Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Actually, the agent made me a coverage tailored to my needs and it gave me an incredible result ”, he acknowledged. BOP, the insurance tailored to protect you from ruin.
If you are an entrepreneur and want a BOP just tailored to your needs, call Univista Insurance and you will get the cheapest business insurance in Florida.

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