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Medicare: To change plans or not? That is the question

Medicare: To change plans or not? That is the question. From October 15 to December 7, members of Medicare Advantage plans can switch to another one that suits them better.
By these dates, the insured will receive a document that they should review to know the changes that their current coverage will have. This is the Annual Notice of Change, there are also included costs that the plan will have for the year 2022.
Around October 15, they should have sent you another document called the Evidence of Coverage, where you will find other details of your plan, for example, how much it will pay and the list of covered prescription drugs, the list of in-network doctors, services covered, as well as all plan benefits.
With these two documents, you can get an idea of ​​whether to stay in the plan or find another plan that is more convenient for you in your area.
If you have not received these documents, contact your provider to send them to you.
If you are interested in knowing the details of your current plan, call a Univista Insurance specialist, who will explain in great detail the characteristics of the plan so that you can decide if you prefer to change or stay in it.
Keep in mind that you will only have until December 7 to execute the decision. Medicare: To change your plan or not? That is the question.

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