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Four myths about the electric vehicle

Four myths about the electric vehicle. In 2030, one in every five cars circulating in the US will be electric. In Florida alone, in the last 7 years, the sale of electric cars has increased by 300%, reaching 60,000 vehicles. Despite these data, many people believe the myths that circulate around the electric car.
Myth number 1: The electric car is dangerous
There are those who believe that electric cars are more likely to catch fire than a combustion ones. However, a recent investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concluded that the frequency of fires and explosions of lithium-ion battery systems – used by electric cars – is comparable to or slightly lower than that of gasoline models.
Myth number 2: so much cost is not justified with so little benefit.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), driving 15,000 miles in a year with a Hyundai Ioniq Electric will cost its owner $ 500. Calculate how much it costs you to travel that same distance with your gas car.
Myth Number 3: It is not practical until the right infrastructures are created.
Most electric cars are charged at home and at workplaces. However, there are more than 4,000 charging stations in Florida, and that number is expected to increase as demand increases. An electric car has an average range of 200 miles.
Myth number 4: They are cars for the rich
Actually, electric car models are more expensive compared to gasoline models. But except for the Tesla brand, which has already surpassed the production of 200,000 vehicles, the rest of the brands are eligible for a $ 7,500 tax credit, in addition to the state subsidy. Four myths about the electric vehicle.
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