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You are about to run out of health insurance

This year, the Obamacare enrollment period was extended one more month to ensure access to more people. This period ends on Saturday, January 15, and those who have not registered will have to wait ten months to have another similar opportunity.

The Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, seeks to help Americans access cheap health insurance through the health insurance marketplace. This year, some 13.6 million Americans joined Obamacare encouraged by the low premiums and increased subsidies present in the various health plans.

People who register until January 15 will be able to have their policies active on February 1. While those who did it before December 15, are protected since the beginning of the year.

If by any chance, you find out when the enrollment period has ended, you could still access the insurance market that operates under Obamacare, if you get married, if you obtain citizenship, if a child is born or adopted, or if you move From home.
But if you find out before January 15, you can still call a Univista Insurance agent and benefit from America’s best-subsidized health insurance.

When you call, we recommend that you have all your information available, the number of people who live with you, the number of dependents, those under 21 years of age, your annual income as it appears on your W-2s, or your income as an entrepreneur. as they appear on your taxes.

Do not miss this great opportunity, after January 15, it will be too late.

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