Wow, so cold!

Wow, so cold! Florida is known worldwide as the Sunshine State. It is one of the favorite areas for tourists to enjoy the heat and the beaches at any time of the year. However, this winter temperatures in some parts of the state have dropped as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit, 1 degree Celsius.
In such icy circumstances, many had to reach for the coats “that they bought when they visited New York in winter”, that scarf that they do not know how it appeared in their closet, they put on three pullovers, one on top of the other, snow boots and gloves of skin.
But the real torture begins at night, when getting into bed, the icy sheets give the sensation of ice needles penetrating the skin. More than one, at the moment of going to bed, has released that Creole expression: Ñooo, so cold!
Indeed, the houses of Florida are not prepared for the winter temperatures that visit us and the desperate owners look for solutions: electric heaters, grills, small gas stoves, which “turn on for a while so that there is heat in the rooms”. Improvised measures can cause serious accidents.
We must warn that an electric heater that does not work properly can cause a fire. It is not recommended to use them in spaces with high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens. In addition, they should always stay away from furniture, curtains, and flammable products.
It is also not recommended braceros, ovens, or stoves to heat the house. Much less, falling asleep in the heat of an oven or a gas brazier. If the flames go out and the gas continues to come out it could cause death by suffocation or explosion.
The reality is that many modern electric heaters are sold. But before using them, it is necessary to read the instructions well and follow them to the letter. By the way, the best ones are those that have a thermostat and turn off automatically if they tip over or when they reach the right temperature.
Take all the necessary precautions and, just in case, keep in mind that your home insurance will protect you in the event of an accidental fire.

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