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I bought a car, what papers should I have?

I bought a car, what papers should I have? A small part of the American Dream is having a car. A vehicle guarantees us independence, mobility, speed, and safety, among other benefits. With a car, we can go to work, go for a walk with the family, take our son to a hospital at night, during an emergency. Also, it helps us avoid heat or rain and we can listen to our music at full volume without disturbing anyone, or even sleep on it if necessary.
Uncle Sam, who does not have silly hair, takes a flake out of this dream and requires, by law, to register the vehicle to collect a small tax.
Indeed, when someone buys a car, either at a dealership -dealership- or, from an individual, the first thing they must do is register it with the Department of Road Safety and Motor Vehicles DMV, for its acronym in English.
You will wonder what is the procedure?
The answer is: it depends. If you buy your car from a registered dealer -dealership- chances are, they will take care of all the paperwork. You just have to have a little patience and sign a lot of documents. At the end, you will leave the dealer in your car and with a provisional license plate. Within 30 days, you will receive your license plate and, if purchased with cash, your car title in the mail. I bought a car, what papers should I have?
When one buys a vehicle from an individual, things change. The buyer is in charge of doing all the paperwork: transferring the title, buying the insurance, and registering the car. The first step, after shaking hands with the salesperson, is to call Univista Insurance and insure the car you just bought. Subsequently, you need to go to a Tax Collector office, there are many in the city, and take the title of the newly purchased car, signed by the seller, you can also go to the seller to, together, make the transfer of the title. At this office, you must show proof of insurance, apply for the certificate of title, and with these documents, register the car. Upon completion, you will need to pay for title transfer and $225 for registration. Now you can go home in peace to continue living the American dream.

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