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How to renew my driver’s license?

How to renew my driver’s license? Some motorists receive their driver’s license and imagine that this license lasts a lifetime. Suddenly, at a police checkpoint on the highway, they discover that they have been driving with an expired license for some time.
Indeed, this document must be renewed eight years after it was issued. The worst thing is that driving with an expired license is considered a crime and can lead to fines. To make matters worse, if the document has expired for more than a year, the authorities will require the said driver to take the driving test again -theoretical and practical- and obtain a new license. He will also have to pay a late fee.
Although most insurance companies protect him despite having an expired license, some may not cover him if he has an accident with this expired document. On the other hand, to purchase auto insurance you will be asked to show a valid license.
For this reason, we must be attentive to the expiration date and keep our residence address updated on the license, since the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), 45 days before expires, send a notification by mail reminding you that the expiration date is near.
It is better to anticipate than to forget. You can renew the license even 18 months before it expires. To do this, you can visit an FLHSMV office.
Keep in mind that to obtain the new document you will need to present your current license, proof of identity such as a passport or permanent residence card, proof of place of residence, a receipt for payment of some service, such as water or electricity, will suffice. , or a bank receipt, showing your address. It also serves as the voter card for naturalized and vehicle registration. How to renew my driver’s license?
Another requirement is to pass a vision test that will be performed at the FLHSMV office.

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