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My car was stolen, what to do?

My car was stolen, what to do? What an unpleasant feeling it feels to leave the office, a store, or a friend’s house, and see that the car is not where you left it parked. My car has been stolen!
Suddenly, all planning for the day breaks. A thousand questions swirl in your mind. How to return home? How do I organize my daily trips? What documents were inside the car?
But before calling the police to make a report, make sure that it is indeed a robbery. It is common for tow trucks to tow cars parked in improper places. The police will ask you for some information to be able to identify the car, color, make, model, VIN number, and if it has any tracking device.
The next step is to call your insurance company, which will ask you for a copy of the police report and the list of personal items found in the vehicle. Remember that these may be covered by your insurance policy.
You might be lucky and the police will find your car in a few days. In that case, review it and think about what could have caused the criminals to take it. If it doesn’t look forced, maybe you forgot to lock the door.
If you are unlucky enough to fall into the 43% of vehicles that are not recovered by authorities, you should contact your insurance to see how much money you will receive in compensation.
To avoid the risk of theft, when parking in public places, make sure it is well lit and well-guarded.
Even if the car is at your house, remove the keys from it. Finally, do not leave valuables in the car. My car was stolen, what to do?
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