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Managing risk is key before going to sea

Managing risk is key before going to sea. Almost everyone enjoys going on a boat ride. The sensation that is experienced when moving over the blue waters of the Florida sea, the possibility of seeing the coast from another perspective, or the fact of being able to discover paradisiacal islands causes the levels of serotonin in our body to skyrocket and we are overflowing with happiness.
There are people who work very hard all week, dreaming of the hours they will spend on their boat on Saturday or Sunday. Others are capable of going into debt up to the top in order to belong to “the religion of those who navigate”.
As in all aspects of life, there are two sides. Having a boat not only generates happiness but also carries multiple risks.
There is a risk of damaging the boat itself when towing it from the house to the dock, docking it at the dock, or launching it into the water at the marina. Also when sailing you can collide with another boat, injure someone who practices underwater fishing, take a jet ski ahead of you or run aground and break the motor propellers.
With this note, we do not intend to discourage those who dream of sailing. On the contrary, the idea is that they learn to manage risk, for example by attending schools where they teach how to pilot. It is also important to know that although Florida does not require boat licenses, the law requires that, in order to operate a boat with 10 horsepower or more, people born after January 1, 1988, must complete a safety course.
The best advice to mitigate the risk of having a boat is to have good boat insurance that covers civil liability for potential damages that it may cause to one person or another’s property. Of course, it also covers the damages that the boat itself may suffer. Managing risk is key before going to sea.
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