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When they announce that a hurricane is coming, it’s too late

When they announce that a hurricane is coming, it’s too late. The weather reports allow us to anticipate for several days what may happen. When an atmospheric phenomenon begins to form in the Atlantic Ocean, meteorologists monitor its development and anticipate its possible routes, weeks before it reaches our shores.
This reality leads many people to believe that they have enough time to purchase flood insurance if they suddenly discover that a major storm is brewing in the Atlantic and the various models indicate that their house is in the path of the meteor. However, they are wrong. Not because the forecast is wrong, but because most flood insurance contracts have a 30-day delay in their coverage. That is, when signing the document, it will not come into force until after a month.
So when meteorologists announce that a category 3 hurricane is approaching, accompanied by heavy rains, capable of leaving up to 20 inches of precipitation, it will be too late to obtain the protection of flood insurance. Don’t look incredulous at the amount of rain. We are not exaggerating, nor are we scaring him with a universal deluge. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped 60 inches of rain on Texas. If you remember correctly the floods were disastrous, second only to the enormous damage caused by Katrina. But without going that far, in 2008, Hurricane Fay dumped 27.67 inches of rain on Melbourne, Florida. Four years later, Hurricane Debby brought the rain gauge up to 28.78 inches at Curtis Mill. Maybe those numbers don’t tell you anything, they don’t show you how serious they are. Well, we give you another reference so you can understand what it is about. On June 4, when several cities in South Florida were flooded, the average rainfall did not exceed 10 inches. Any of these hurricanes mentioned would double or triple that amount of rain.
That said, don’t wait for a hurricane to loom on the horizon to purchase flood insurance. If the associated floods damage your house, unfortunately the insurance would not cover you. Be careful and contact a Univista Insurance specialist in time and you will get the cheapest flood insurance in Florida so that your home is financially well protected. When they announce that a hurricane is coming, it’s too late.

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