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Mistakes that can damage home insurance coverage

Mistakes that can damage home insurance coverage. No one can deny that many of us like to turn to friends and family to do certain repairs in the house, without requesting the necessary permission from the City. We call that unlicensed electrician cousin to do an installation for us. “My cousin is a beast, he knows the same thing about electricity, about mechanics. He gets his hands on everything” and, furthermore, “it comes out cheap”.
The thing is, if by any chance an electrical fire starts at home due to a bad installation done by your cousin, the insurance won’t take care of it and you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs.
Another mistake we make is starting a business “on the left” at home. Many are deluded by the idea that “big businesses started in the garages of the house”, like Amazon itself. The best advice is that if you start a business in your home, consult with your insurance agent. If there is a fire in the shop, or an act of vandalism against the business and part of the property is destroyed and you lack commercial insurance, homeowners insurance can give you back.
It also often happens that, when renovating the house, we add some structure to it. “A small room for when the mother-in-law comes.” It is good news if it is done correctly, with the necessary permits and if it is included in the owner’s insurance. Otherwise, if any incident occurs within that structure, the insurer can disregard it and it will cost you tons of money to assume the damages.
Finally, contact your Univista Insurance agent and share all your concerns about the changes you make in your home. Don’t put your family’s financial well-being at risk by doing the wrong things out of ignorance. Mistakes that can damage home insurance coverage.

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