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How do we protect ourselves from flash floods?

How do we protect ourselves from flash floods? Flash floods are very dangerous and can happen without warning. If more rain falls than the ground can absorb, the excess water will run quickly looking for the lowest areas of the land, causing a sudden flood or flash flood. A phenomenon that we saw, at the beginning of June, in some cities of Miami Dade.
Tropical storms and hurricanes that hit Florida often produce large amounts of rain and subsequent flash flooding.
Being a fast phenomenon and difficult to predict, people can be injured. To top it off, many of these disasters occur at night, making the danger even greater.
On the other hand, flooded houses usually suffer structural damage, the electrical system, the floors can crack, as well as the foundations. Also, the air conditioning system could be compromised, such as appliances that have come into contact with water.
Another danger that threatens a flooded property is the appearance of toxic mold, behind the walls or on the wooden floors. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency -FEMA, in English- mold can begin to grow within 24 hours after the flood.
For safety, a flooded property should be inspected to check the condition of the structures and to see if the electrical system is safe. In addition, the damage must be repaired and the walls dried with special apparatus. According to FEMA, a single inch of water in a home causes more than $25,000 in damage.
The best weapon against a flash flood is flood insurance. In this way, the insurance company will take care of returning the property to the state it was in before the sudden visit of the waters.
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