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Regular eye exams are key to health

Regular eye exams are key to health. An adult with no apparent vision problems should have an eye exam every four years. If it goes over 55, it should be checked every one to two years. The importance of regular eye examinations lies in the fact that ophthalmologists can discover eye diseases in their initial stages. For example, he could detect glaucoma, that is, the existence of an injury to the optic nerve that, if not taken care of, could cause blindness. When detected in its initial stage, it can be controlled with a simple eye drop. However, in cases where the disease is very advanced, surgical intervention may be necessary to save the patient’s sight.
The eye exam has other benefits. Through an eye exam, an ophthalmologist is able to detect different types of ailments that are apparently not related to sights, such as diabetes, lupus, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, or cancer. If these conditions are in their infancy, they can be cured with super simple treatments.
On the other hand, specialists advise parents to take their children under three years of age to the ophthalmologist to rule out possible childhood ailments such as the lazy eye. It’s also good practice to see your eye doctor before you start your first year of primary school.
Vision insurance generally covers the cost of eye exams, saves money if you need glasses, and covers a portion of eye surgeries and other treatments. Regular eye exams are key to health.

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