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I left my car key in the trunk

I left my car key in the trunk. Last month, Lorenzo’s daughter went on a field trip to St. Augustine. As she was unloading luggage at the hotel, she locked the trunk, leaving the car keys inside. “What do I do?”, The young driver thought and decided to call her father for advice.
His father, after thinking about different variants, decided to call the roadside service of his car insurance. Here I reproduce the conversation, as it happened:
Operator: -Good morning, the insurance company-
Lorenzo: -Please, I am a client and my daughter has left the car key in the trunk and is on a trip to St. Augustine-
Operator: -Tell me her name, policy number, and her daughter’s phone number. We will send a technician to you as soon as possible to open the trunk.
Lorenzo: -How much does the service cost?
Operator: -It’s included in your insurance, sir. Do you need something else?
Lorenzo: -No, thank you very much-
Lorenzo hung up and when he was about to call her daughter, she sent him a message where she said: “Daddy, they called me from the insurance company so I can share my location with them. The technician told me that he would be here in 15 minutes.”
Indeed, at the agreed time, a “very talkative” technician arrived who opened the trunk for Lorenzo’s daughter.
The moral of this story is: before looking for solutions outside of insurance, it is advisable to look at the options we have within the contract. Calling a locksmith service, on a weekend afternoon, could have cost this family about $300.
Therefore, it is important to include the phone number of the insurance company in the cell phone contacts, as well as the policy number. I left my car key in the trunk

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