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Fire is one of the main enemies of business

Fire is one of the main enemies of business. The statistics are brutal, one in four businesses that suffer a fire will not reopen. However, the remaining three will be able to do so, if they have commercial insurance that helps them mitigate the damage and the reconstruction works.
In general, the commercial fire policy reimburses for the damage caused by a fire on the property of the insured company. Depending on the strength of said contract, the destruction caused by the accident may be fully covered, as well as smoke damage and loss of income recorded by the business, forced to close after the fire. It can also cover damage caused by firefighters putting out the fire.
According to the National Fire Prevention Association, US firefighters are involved in 3,300 commercial fires. These claims cause about $112 million in annual losses. Which means an average of $33,000 per affected business.
An average of 18 people die as a victim of fires in commercial premises and almost 300 are injured.
If you have a company, you must have a commercial insurance package that includes a fire policy appropriate to the characteristics of your business. In this way, if your business premises is one of the 3,300 that catch fire each year, you will be protected from the flames, as well as theft and civil liability.
Don’t put your dreams at stake. Call Univista Insurance and purchase the right business insurance for your business. Fire is one of the main enemies of business.

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