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Please read this before bringing a dog home

Please read this before bringing a dog home. When someone raises a dog from a young age, they rarely think about the idea that this affectionate pet, who is happy to see them every day and accompanies them at home as if it were another member of the family, can also be the cause of serious problems.
Before taking a pet home, it is important to know certain factors that usually go unnoticed when we make the decision to include this new member in our family.
In the United States, pet owners are the most responsible for the damage they cause.
And while most homeowners insurance includes a liability policy against pet bite claims, if the claim exceeds coverage, the owner is responsible for paying the difference.
On the other hand, if your dog bites someone, your homeowner’s insurance may require you to exclude your dog from coverage or purchase an additional insurance policy. What happens many times is that after an attack, they will simply increase the price of the premium.
If you plan to bring a puppy home, it’s best to be prepared to prevent it from biting someone. A good idea is to train him well so that he learns to behave. It may be wise to consult a professional breeder on how to train him. There are local schools that teach dogs to interact with other pets and with people.
Among the preventive measures you can take, an important one is to prevent your pet from being left alone with other people’s children, who are the main victims of dog attacks.
You will think, “it is not that complicated to have a dog, you just have to feed it, bathe it, vaccinate it, put a chip on it, take it for a walk and play with it for a while”. Well, in a country with so many legal claims, all knowledge is little.
According to the Centers for Disease Prevention Control, CDC, some 90 million dogs live in homes in the US, and there are more than 4.5 million attacks a year and some 800,000 people have to receive medical attention for dog bites. dogs. And unfortunately, most bite victims are children.
That is why some dog breeds could affect not only your daily routine but also your home insurance policy.
Many insurance companies will make it difficult for you to include, for example, a Pit Bull in liability coverage. Others may ask you to purchase a supplemental policy.
We are not trying to persuade you to give up your idea of bringing a pet into your home. On the contrary, we want you to be well informed so that your pet is not one of the many that ends up abandoned in cat and dog shelters.
To learn more about your homeowner’s insurance policy, call Univista Insurance and our specialists will recommend the best options on the market to lower your policy. Please read this before bringing a dog home.

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