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Six myths about the eyes

Six myths about the eyes. There are innumerable myths around the eyes that we will hear when we are little. Many of which we repeat to our children as if they were irrefutable truths. Here we share some of the most common myths and the truth behind them.

  1. Don’t go cross-eyed, you’ll stay that way
    Being cross-eyed doesn’t really affect your eyesight at all. If a child has strabismus it is something different and should be consulted by an ophthalmologist.
  2. Sitting near the TV hurts your eyesight
    It is something that I have always heard, however, doctors maintain that it is not so. It can cause the eyes to work harder and cause a headache, but it will not harm the eyesight.
    If a child needs to sit close to watch TV, that may mean they need glasses and should see an ophthalmologist.
  3. Reading in dim lighting is harmful
    My mother always told my sister. I tell my children. However, now they say that nothing happens, that reading in dim lighting only increases eye strain. Having good lighting prevents it. However, in the stage of maturation of the eye, reading in low light favors the appearance or increase of myopia.
  4. Using glasses or lenses worsens vision and creates dependency
    That belief is totally wrong. If someone needs glasses they should wear them simply because it will help them see. Otherwise, you’ll spend more work and strain your eyes trying.
  5. Wearing someone else’s glasses can damage your eyes
    Wearing glasses with a different prescription does not harm the view. It can cause pain in the eyes, cause blurred vision, or headache. They are temporary discomforts that should disappear when you stop using these glasses.
  6. Using computers can harm your eyes
    Some ophthalmologists disagree. They maintain that it is not the screen that can harm the eyes. It’s keeping your eyes open for so long when you focus your attention on the work you’re doing. What causes dryness in the retina and fatigue. It is recommended to rest often, blink more and exercise your eyesight every 20 minutes.

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