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When should I service my car?

When should I service my car? We live in a society where the car is essential. In Florida, not having a car means facing a daily challenge when it comes to working, studying, shopping or having fun. Therefore, having a car is not a luxury or a whim, it is a necessity.
But vehicles are a system of moving parts and substances that work together, if one of them fails or deteriorates it can alter the process and if it is not replaced on time, it will damage other parts or the system in general.
One of the worst moments that we can experience when wanting to go to work or an important appointment, is that, when trying to start the car, it does not respond. The same anguish could arise if, while driving down I-95, the car suddenly stops working. “What’s going on?” It is the first question that explodes in the mind. Then it’s time to call the insurance to assist us and send a crane to move the car to the trusted workshop, where a mechanic, just by looking at a label on the windshield of the car and reading the mileage counter, will realize that the Vehicle has been out of service for a year. “A year without what?”
“One year without revision”, the mechanic will insist.
“The engine has seized. I have to take it apart to see what happened. The repair is going to be expensive and the car must remain in the workshop for at least a week”.
“Horror!” A week without a car can be a real nightmare. On top of that, the cost of these breaks is usually quite high. All this could be avoided, if preventive maintenance had been carried out as indicated by the manufacturer. This increases safety and prevents an accident due to a detectable defect. Periodic reviews increase engine performance, which translates into lower fuel consumption and the consequent saving of money. According to the Car Care Council, regular checkups can save up to $1,300 in gas per year.
On the other hand, the revisions, in addition to extending the useful life of the car, maintain its value and it is one of the first aspects that future buyers look at in the CARFAX.
Each manufacturer recommends when to check the lubrication system, tires, cooling or battery. Generally, engine oil and filters should be changed every 3,000 miles or every three months. Brakes should be checked every 7,000 miles.
When a vehicle is serviced, mechanics put the date of the next service on the windshield. Modern cars indicate when to stop by the workshop. As you can see, not doing it, in addition to being negligent, can be very expensive. When should I service my car?

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