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How to claim the life insurance death benefit?

How to claim the life insurance death benefit? The goal of life insurance is to provide financial protection to loved ones who survive the insured. This protection is materialized through the death benefit agreed in the life insurance contract.
When the insured leaves this world, the surviving family members are in charge of claiming the death benefit from the insurance company. For this, it is important to locate the policy and know the benefits associated with it.
To initiate the claim, it is required to present the death certificate of the insured. This document is obtained at the funeral home that was in charge of the burial. Along with this certificate, the beneficiary family member must fill out some forms with the insurance company. The agent in charge of the policy can help you with these procedures. If you do not know who the agent is, you should contact the insurance company directly.
Once the claim is made, the insurance company will issue a settlement -according to the conditions specified in the contract. Soon after, the beneficiary family member should receive the agreed amount.
The claim procedure is quite simple, therefore it is essential to have access to the policy, since this is basic to start claiming the benefit.
The beneficiary can choose between receiving the entire benefit in a single payment or agreeing to receive partial payments, with interest, agreed in advance, or a lifetime payment, also agreed with the insurer. How to claim the life insurance death benefit?

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