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Working from home is not exempt from risks

Working from the comfort of home is not exempt from risks. 50% of small businesses in the US are home-based, meaning that around 15 million business owners prefer to conduct their productive activity in their own homes. This allows them to save on office or warehouse rent and avoid spending time and money on commuting to another part of the city.
However, some owners mistakenly believe that producing from home means they don’t need to purchase corresponding commercial insurance. In the event of a fire in the home, the tools used to make those magnificent cakes, the machines used to print T-shirts, computers, printers, fax machines used for taxes, or carpentry tools can be reduced to ashes. If this happens, the homeowner’s insurance will not cover losses due to productive activity.
The appropriate way to develop a business in a home is to have commercial insurance that is appropriate for the activity being carried out. It should include general liability coverage in case a customer has an accident on the property (such as being bitten by a dog or falling while using the bathroom).
If you are a consultant, professional liability coverage can protect you against possible negligence, errors, or omissions when working with clients. This policy generally covers legal fees if an attorney is needed.
Product liability insurance can also be beneficial if you manufacture or transform any goods that could result in a lawsuit. Imagine if the ink used to print those T-shirts you are selling like hotcakes online causes an allergic reaction in your customers, or the food you sold had salmonella and several of your customers become sick. The financial consequences could be severe.
Your optimal option is to contact Univista Insurance and have their commercial insurance specialists prepare a package known as a BOP that combines specific policies for the business you conduct in your home to protect you from potential risks you may face. Working from the comfort of home is not exempt from risks.

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