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Hard or soft: which brush should I buy?

Hard or soft: which brush should I buy? In stores and pharmacies where personal hygiene products are sold, we can find a lot of models and brands of toothbrushes, red, blue, white, transparent, with two colors, with three colors, with short or long handles, with crossed bristles, bristles directed forward or with rounded tips, not to mention electric toothbrush models.
Faced with such a variety of possibilities, the question arises: which brush should I buy? Which brush is best for me?
Well, yes, to be able to comply with that daily routine and achieve adequate cleaning of teeth and gums to prevent cavities, periodontal disease, bad breath and other health conditions, one of the key elements is the brush, available in different hardness.
Brushes with harder bristles are useful for removing bacterial plaque and superficial stains from teeth. But they tend to be more aggressive on the gums. Dentists recommend them for people with good oral health and without sensitivity problems. They can be used to massage the gums, which helps improve blood circulation and maintain healthy gums.
On the other hand, soft-bristled brushes are ideal for people with sensitive teeth and gums as they are less likely to irritate and wear down tooth enamel. They are also recommended for people who have undergone oral surgery, as they are less likely to cause damage in the incision area.
A patient suffering from gingivitis, which is a periodontal disease caused when the gums become inflamed due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque, should use a brush with soft bristles.
Although they are called toothbrushes, we should also brush our gums and tongue to remove bacteria and bad breath.
Electric brushes are effective in removing bacterial plaque by making more movements, in less time, on the same spot. In addition, they have the ability to access interdental spaces, which are inaccessible to manual brushes.
It cannot be said that one brush is better than another, each type can cover the specific needs of each person.
As you can see, the toothbrush is a necessary ally in maintaining oral hygiene. But don’t overlook that periodic and preventive visits to the dentist are the cornerstone of oral health.
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