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Rearview mirror and turn signal, what are they for?

Rearview mirror and turn signal, what are they for? Recently, I rode in a car with a friend who has been in Miami for a short time and just got her driver’s license. I was visiting her at her house and she had to go to a store in Homestead to buy some plants, so she asked me to accompany her and we continued our conversation.
My first surprise was when we were on the highway and I looked at the rearview mirror and found her smiling face reflected. “Mary doesn’t use the rearview mirror,” I thought.
Then, I noticed that she was changing lanes without signaling with the turn signals, while accelerating as if there was no tomorrow. I protested and said, “Mary, you don’t use the mirrors, you don’t signal on the road, you’re a danger.” She responded with a smile, “don’t be sexist, women also know how to drive.” In addition, “if you indicate with the turn signal, they block you and don’t let you pass.”
I sank in my seat and prayed to the Almighty. Being in that car was like playing Russian roulette.
The reality is that turn signals and mirrors are not just decoration. They are fundamental instruments to guarantee safety on the road.
According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one of the main causes of traffic accidents is not using turn signals properly. In 2019, more than 17,000 accidents related to not using turn signals were reported in Florida.
These flashing signals are not a whim, they are used to indicate to other drivers where we intend to maneuver so that they can act accordingly. We must always signal when we are going to change lanes or turn right or left. Not doing so can cause accidents.
For their part, mirrors allow us to have a view of everything around the car we are driving, we can look behind, to the right and to the left. Therefore, mirrors must be properly placed. The central mirror should cover everything that happens behind the car, so it should be centered with the rear windshield wiper. On the other hand, to place the side mirrors correctly, we have to open them until we see a minimal part of the body of our car and allow us to see what is happening behind the vehicle. Checking the mirrors is the first thing we do before starting the car.
Looking through the mirrors is basic, especially when we are going to change lanes to make sure that we can make the maneuver safely. The best way to know if you can pass the vehicle that is traveling in the left or right lanes is to start the lane change maneuver, when you see through the mirror – on the left or right – the entire front of the car you intend to pass.
Anyway, when we arrived at the store, I said to Mary very seriously, “if you want me to come back with you, promise me that you will place the mirrors correctly and you will signal with the turn signals for all the maneuvers you are going to make. If not, I’ll stay and go on Uber. It’s not sexism, it’s caution!” She nodded and the return trip was wonderful.
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