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Five essential steps before renovating your bathroom

Five essential steps before renovating your bathroom. The two interior spaces of a property that most homeowners pay attention to are the kitchen and the bathroom. It’s only a matter of time before a homeowner updates the bathroom. According to HomeAdvisor, 53% of new buyers renovate the bathroom almost immediately.
Real estate specialists claim that modernizing the bathroom could increase the property price by 5 to 20%, depending on the style and quality of the fixtures installed.
In short, you are not the only one considering renovating your bathroom. Like you, many families are researching, getting quotes, and comparing material qualities in different stores in the city.
However, an important step that many people skip when renovating the bathroom is obtaining the necessary permits from the City. To prevent this from happening to you, here are the five common steps to legally renovate your bathroom:

  1. Hire an architect or engineer to create interior plans of the area to be renovated. No matter what work you do, you will need these plans.
  2. Hire a licensed contractor who is knowledgeable about the building codes in your city. Keep in mind that you will need separate permits for electrical and plumbing work.
  3. Gather the documents and signed plans from the architect, and apply for the permit from the City. In many cities, you can apply online or in person. You will need to pay the permit fee in advance before the plan review process begins.
  4. Afterwards, you will need to collect your corrected and approved plans. If the City identifies any corrections, you will need to resubmit the plans with the necessary changes. Once approved, you must pay for the Building Permit.
  5. Once you receive the Building Permit, you must keep it in your home at all times, especially during inspections.

Remember that starting a project without the necessary permits can result in financial penalties. Additionally, if any water leaks or electrical fires occur as a result of work done without proper authorization, your insurance company may hesitate to cover the damages.
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