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Used car: How do I know that I am not being bullied?

When we decide to buy a second-hand car, there is always no doubt about the quality of the vehicle we are buying. Despite the promises made by the seller to the customer about the quality of the car, and even if he swears that it “has been passed through the carfax and has no negative record,” we are always in doubt.

Many cars are sold fraudulently at auctions after suffering flood damage and have been declared a total loss by insurers. Unscrupulous sellers go so far as to change the manufacturer’s serial number to sell them at their dealerships as cars with excellent records.

The fraud known as title laundering involves buying crashed vehicles in states where the laws are a little laxer. By not properly updating your history, they sell them as if they had no problem.

To try to make these auto scams more difficult, the Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) created a database in which both vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and also vehicle identification numbers are uploaded. identification of the hull of vessels that have been flooded. This data is made available to law enforcement, state fraud offices, insurance companies, state departments of motor vehicles, and the general public.

Therefore, if you have doubts about the past of the vehicle you want to buy second-hand, you can visit the website and there, for free, you will be able to find out if the car you like has had a problem and they have hidden.

Once you see that your car is clean, don’t forget to insure it. For this, Univista Insurance is your best option.

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