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Driving under the influence of a cell phone

You imagine a police officer stopping you on the road and ticketing you for DUI. In this case, for driving under the influence of a cell phone. It would be amazing, but the idea is not entirely far-fetched as, according to statistics, more than 30% of car accidents occur due to using the phone while driving.

European scientists established that cell phone use while driving has the same effect as driving beyond the permitted blood alcohol limits. It is the same as driving drunk -DUI-, since it reduces the field of vision, reduces the ability to react, distracts attention from the road.

Sometimes when we drive, we have seen a car that is getting closer and closer to the dividing line and invades the lane in which we are driving. When passing him, we observe that the driver has been distracted, texting on his cell phone. Likewise, people who drive drunk act, they can barely keep the car in the proper lane and cause accidents.

According to scientists, there are three types of distractions that threaten safe driving: manual, visual, and cognitive distraction. The dangerous thing about driving and texting is that when we do it, our hands go to the phone, visual attention leaves the road, and our brain is engaged in a task other than driving. The perfect cocktail is created for an accident to occur.

As you can see, it is worth advising you not to use your cell phone while driving. Do so for your own safety and for the people who share the road with you.

The message is simple: the best car insurance is to be careful when driving. Avoid doing it while under the influence of the cell phone.

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