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How much does it cost to insure an electric car?

Some 4.5 million electric cars are expected to be on the roads of the Sunshine State within 10 years. This is a substantial increase from the nearly 70,000 electric vehicles (EVs) currently registered in Florida.

Politicians have identified the trend, so they go ahead and start making investments to create infrastructure on different highways. Recently, Governor Ron DeSantis announced an investment of 8.5 million to install fast chargers along Interstate 4, 75, and 95. In this way, he will expand the network of charging stations for EVs by 1,200 more miles.

Although everything seems favorable for the cars of the future, insuring one of them today is generally more expensive than insuring a similar model on gasoline.

You might wonder why, if driving an electric car does not increase the risk of an accident, rather the opposite.

The point is that in the event of an accident, repairing these cars is still much more expensive than a fuel car.

You just have to compare the price of a gasoline Ford Focus, which new one costs about $ 19,800, with its electric equivalent that sells for $ 29,960. This difference in price is reflected, to a greater or lesser extent, in the insurance premiums.

However, market gurus argue that as the use of electric cars becomes more popular, their prices will decline.

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