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Univista Insurance makes it easy to get a free quote online or by calling (305) 521-9152. Univista Insurance offers affordable homeowners insurance rates that fit your budget and protect your home and family. We've searched for the best providers with the best rates around, so you don't have to! Homeowners insurance provides financial protection to:

  • Reduce costs of home repairs.
  • Home replacement.
  • Living expenses in the event that your house is damaged or destroyed.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance provides damage and liability protection to the owner of a house. Homeowners insurance not only protects your house and possessions, but will also provide personal liability coverage in case you or your household members are involved in or are responsible for an accident on or off of your property. Most of all, homeowners insurance with Univista Insurance affords you peace of mind so that you can take care of the most important thing in life: your family.

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