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How to insure a motorcycle?

You can imagine Batman’s conversation with his insurer when he tries to purchase a policy for his Batbike, the motorcycle the superhero uses. As we know, insurance premiums can be affected by several factors, such as the age of the rider or the type of motorcycle you intend to insure. Insurance for a sports car is not the same as for a Sunday ride motorcycle, the kind that rolls at low speed. The experience of the rider and the use of the vehicle also often play a role. Whether it is used for work or will only be mounted for private purposes.

Motorcycles are the most stolen vehicles. This factor greatly worries insurers. A motorcycle that sleeps in a private garage is not the same as one that stays on the street overnight “protected” by a chain and a lock.

Well, Batman’s conversation with his insurer would go something like this:

-Hi sir… What did you say your name was?


“What motorcycle do you want to insure, Mr. Batman?”

Well, I would like a quote for my new Batbike, the “Batpot”

-I have not heard this type of engine, can you describe what it does to see where I can frame it?

– Well, it’s a custom-built bike, self-propelled by a high-performance, water-cooled single-cylinder engine. It reaches a high acceleration. The shoulders are driven and the arms are protected with shields. It is armed with grappling hooks, cannons, and machine guns. Its chassis lengthens and lowers, allowing it to pass under moving trucks, between their wheels.

-Uff, is that a motorcycle? Where do you park it at night?

-It’s always inside my cave, which is one of the safest places in the city or in the garage of my super apartment. In addition, it has a tracker that allows me to know where it is at all times.

-What city are you talking about?

-From Gotham City, sir.

-Do you use that vehicle to work or for private matters?

-I give it both uses. Sometimes I use it to escape or to catch up with my rivals.

-Do you use airbag vests, helmets, and suitable clothing to drive your motorcycle?

– Well, I wear my Batman helmet and a superhero jumpsuit that is made with three layers of a fabric called Kevlar, with which bulletproof vests are made, I wear gloves and motorcycle boots. And a cape.

-One that?

-A cape, but that’s not important.

– How old are you?

– I am 45 years old.

– What is your profession?

– I’m a superhero, sir.

– And what does a superhero do?

-Fighting the bad guys, I chase them and lock them up.

-So, you are a policeman, hahaha.

-No, I work with Robin, who sometimes uses the motorcycle.

-Well, sir, I will explain the pros and cons of your insurance. On the one hand, it is great that your motorcycle always sleeps in a garage and has a tracker, so we can locate it in case of theft. But everything else makes you a high-risk insured. You own a superbike, that reaches high speeds, that you ride with your shoulders, that you carry weapons, and you use it to chase people. I’m afraid your insurance is going to be quite expensive. But don’t worry, remember that at Univista Insurance we always have the best prices on the market. A few days ago we assured Ghostrider, who is in more danger than you, and he was very pleased.

Wait a few seconds and I tell you what is your best option. You told me his name is Batman, right?

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