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How to save your business from a flood?

When Rafael arrived at the area where the restaurant is located in the early morning with the idea of ​​preparing breakfasts, he found the news that the entire area was flooded.

“All the businesses in the plaza have almost three feet of water,” the baker, whose business adjoins his, told him.

Two hours later, when Rafael, along with some of his employees, was able to access the business “to save products and equipment that could be affected by the water,” he saw that the show was gruesome.

In the living room, the chairs had been piled up in one corner and were dirty with the mud-covered tapestry. The walls, the booths, the doors, everything was stained with mud. We had to disconnect the electricity to the premises and “wait for an inspector to come to assess the damage,” someone recommended.

In the warehouse, little could be done. All the sacks of grains, sugar, salt, were under dirty water.
Suddenly, Rafael saw a light at the end of the tunnel. He remembered his insurance. He has spent years paying for the Basic Business Owner Insurance package that protects the building and all its contents, both furniture, and equipment that are inside the property.

So, he called the insurer to tell them what happened and inquire how to proceed to “get his business back as soon as possible.”

On the other end of the line, a specialist told her very sadly that “after reviewing her policy, they have seen that they cannot help her.” Since “the restaurant did not have any flood coverage.”

At that hour, that image of the insurance agent came to mind who was so insistent that he also purchase a flood policy for the business. To which he had refused, arguing that “that area never flooded.” And that “I already had too many expenses.”

Now, Rafael will have to bear all the damages suffered by his business alone and will most likely be forced to throw in the towel and file for bankruptcy.

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