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Our Identity

We are an independent insurance agency, established in 2006 and run by a family.

Our corporate mission is: “To deliver industry-leading insurance products and services in dynamic and innovative ways that foster customer loyalty, employee professional growth, and positive community recognition.”


We operate with modern corporate mentality driven to serve and adapt to changing consumer behaviors.  They take great pride in only representing and partnering with the very best insurance providers in the marketplace to earn customer trust and safe keep long term relationships.

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Why Univista Insurance to start your own business?

In the past few years, we have increased sales over 300% and have more than 100 locations throughout Florida and have expanded to California, Texas and Georgia. Our continued success as a company is reflected in the constant growth of each of the franchise owners supported by a united and professional team.

We are proud to be able to put all the tools and constant training in the hands of our franchisees, which favors each franchise owner by increasing the capacity of their profits and the development of their business.

Due to our constant work and effort, today we are a trusted leader among other Florida insurance companies and agencies. Providing quality protection and superior customer service.

Now is the time to join our family of successful franchise owners!

Univista is for people who want to work, have a decent future in this country, as mentioned by our president & CEO Ivan Herrera. We want you to grow with us and make your dreams of becoming a business owner come true.

In order to do that, at Univista Insurance we put all our team resources on your hands. We are always here to support you every step of the way. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to improve our systems following your feedback.

There are franchise owners that have been with us for years, coming from different backgrounds such as nurses, and today they own several franchises and are able to maintain their families.

Our development professional team operates in house and has many years of experience. In our commercial department, for example, we count with representatives with 20-30 years of experience.

Today we are a culture of hard work and honesty that focuses on helping our community with all their insurance needs.