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What are the types of Life Insurance Coverages?

Life Insurance coverage breakdown into 5 types:

  • Living Benefits
  • College Planning
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Retirement Planning

Barbara Bermudo and Mario Andres Moreno know the importance of life insurance with living benefits since in addition to providing a legacy of financial security, this type of policy protects them against any illness or health condition.


As parents, they also want the best for their children and for this the university planning allows them to cover these costs from now on.

In addition to all these advantages, with a life insurance policy they can add mortgage protection and rest assured that the home they have built with so much effort will be supported at all times.

Even when your kids have finished college or the house is paid in full, social security and savings may not be enough. That is why when thinking about their retirement, Barbara and Andres also know that their life insurance can serve as a financial aid, covering all the necessary expenses.

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Why Choose Univista Insurance for your Life Insurance Coverage?

Finding affordable and quality Life Insurance coverage is difficult. That’s why many individuals receive the coverage they are not satisfied with or have no life insurance at all. At Univista Insurance we want to help you understand more about the benefits you will receive with life insurance, and once you learn more we are ready to help you get the coverage you need.


How may we help you find the best coverage?

In just a simple consultation to meet the requirements, we will only need you to answer a few questions related to your health.

Next, you will receive a wide variety of life insurance products. Term life insurance, for example, is the cheapest coverage, offering protection for a particular number of years. If you get whole life insurance, your premiums never go up, allowing you to support your family, even when you are not there for them.

Finally you will obtain full coverage through polices such as whole life insurance, that offers permanent protection with premiums that never increase, allowing you to support your family even when you can’t be there for them. These types of policies also give you the potential to receive dividends.