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No one is safe from the danger of a flood in Florida

No one can predict for sure when the next flood will occur in Florida. Sometimes a hurricane passes through our area and the expected flooding does not occur. Other times, a simple rain falls and the water floods everything above two feet in height.

We cannot predict, but we can prepare. Above all, if we consider that Florida is one of the states most exposed to floods in the entire country.

The invasion of waters is the worst and most costly of natural disasters. It is more destructive than the hurricanes and tornadoes themselves. In the US, flood damage constitutes 90% of all damage caused by natural disasters. And far from popular belief, one in five claims comes from low-risk flood areas.

Despite this ever-latent danger, the Insurance Information Institute maintains that only 12% of homeowners in the US have flood insurance.

I might recommend that you prepare your home against a possible flood since we are in one of the rainiest periods of the year and when more storms and hurricanes are formed. I might recommend that you clean your pipes and trim the trees around your house so they won’t damage your property if they fall. But if your house floods, all of that will have been for fun.

Therefore, the only thing that I am going to recommend is that you take out flood insurance. It does not matter where in Florida your property is located, or whether it is considered a safe area. A single foot of water inside your home can cost you more than $ 200,000 to repair. And the worst part is that homeowner’s insurance does not take care of anything.

Call Univista Insurance now and get flood insurance as soon as possible. Don’t let the water drown you and your family’s dreams.

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