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Eight steps to be ready for the next storm

We cannot leave the safety of our family to the improvisation, we have to be ready. In eight steps we explain how to prepare your home for a hurricane.

1. Evacuation plan:

All people living in a hurricane zone should have an evacuation plan that includes an escape route to a safe destination. In addition to the family, you must consider your pets. Fill up your car tank and have enough money in cash.

2. Emergency kit:

Don’t wait until the hurricane is upon you to have an emergency kit. Gather together all the medications that your family usually uses, have a flashlight, portable radio, spare batteries, buy water for three days (one gallon per person per day) and non-perishable food. Do not forget to gather all important documents, such as passports, property titles, bank cards, and insurance in a folder.

3. Understand your insurance policy:

Imagine the hurricane completely damages your home and you don’t have homeowners insurance. How would you deal with that situation?

If you have homeowners insurance, review your policy and make sure you understand all of its benefits. Remember that this policy does not cover flood damage. It is advisable to have special flood coverage.

4. Inspect the roof of your house, clean downspouts, and gutters:

You must make sure that the roof of your house is in perfect condition. Check that no tiles are missing. If any are broken, try to replace them. Clean downspouts and gutters. As well as the swallows of the patio of her house. You could hire a specialist to do this work.

5. Prepare for blackouts:

The strong winds that accompany hurricanes can cause prolonged power outages. Depending on the characteristics of your home and family, you may consider purchasing an electric generator. You should also purchase lanterns or candles that are more romantic.

6. Protect the windows in your home:

You must check that the shutters are in good condition. If you don’t have them, you can protect your windows with plywood. They sell them at Home Depot. If your windows are wide, be sure to protect them before the hurricane hits.

7. Protect outdoor furniture:

Anyone who is not insured can get screened and damage your property. Store furniture inside your home. Trim off branches that may fall onto the roof. Secure the tool shed.

8. Don’t forget about your neighbors:

Contact your neighbors and offer to help. Especially if they are older people. They may need to buy something and you can bring it to them. During the storm and as it passes, contact them to see if they are okay.

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