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Eleven steps to open a business in the US

The United States in one of the most flexible countries when creating a business. However, there are certain organizational rules that anyone interested in undertaking must comply with in order to successfully achieve their goal.

Market study

If you are thinking of creating a business, you have to anticipate whether the idea will work or not. To do this, you must look for information about potential customers and competitors, the advantages and disadvantages of the service or product that you have imagined. Then create a project that reflects the steps to develop that business.

Find financing

When one does the market study one of the basic topics to know how it will be financed. Where will you get the root capital to move from ideas to facts? Thanks to God, in this country there are many ways to finance a business, you just have to research them and know them to assess how to access them.

The legal structure of the business

Depending on the type of legal structure that one decides to give the business, so will the legal requirements of the business, the amount and type of taxes that will be paid. In addition, said the structure will establish the personal responsibility that one will assume as a business owner.


All businesses need a name. Something that distinguishes you from others and at the same time reflects the personality or mission of the company.

Tax, federal and state identifier

In the US you have to pay taxes on the productive activity that we do. Each business must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or employer identification number that, as its name indicates, through which federal taxes will be paid, employees will be hired and an account will be opened in the name of the company.

Bank account

When you get to this point in the movie, then you should open an account at a bank that will help you manage the financial and tax affairs of your company.

Commercial insurance

You are about to open the doors of the business you have always dreamed of. But you are missing the most important step. The one that guarantees that all the previous ones have not been in vain. You have to have commercial insurance adjusted to the type of business you have created.

Once insured, now you are ready to receive your first clients and start building the dream of your life.

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