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Put a good price on life

When we buy life insurance, what we do is transfer the risk of living to an institution so that it guarantees economic protection for our family in the event that we die.

The first and most important thing when buying life insurance is to determine what the insured amount will be. In other words, the amount that our family will receive in the event of our death. Therefore, the important thing when we approach to negotiate with the insurance company is to know how much money we need to protect. For example, if we are parents and we have a mortgage of $ 200,000 and our children’s university is going to cost about $ 250,000, the insured sum should not be, under any circumstances, less than $ 450,000.

Don’t panic, these numbers can be protected many times over by paying a premium of $ 300 to $ 400 a year.

It is important that our partner participates in the meeting with the company where the insurance policy is negotiated. For the two to be able to find or agree on the real financial need of the family.

Once we are in agreement with the insured sum, we must look for the insurance plans that offer us that protection. Of course, paying a fee according to our financial capacity.

There are thousands of insurance companies on the market. One must choose the one that best suits our needs and demands. We must study them, see their classifications, their history, and if possible the experiences of other clients. In the case of insurance, it is not always true that the best is good, beautiful, and cheap.

Another important aspect when buying a policy is the benefits included in the coverage. Some companies include disability benefits, others guarantee the necessary capital for the children’s university, without the need to die. Some can even guarantee an economic income in case of retirement.

We should speak with a specialized Univista Insurance agent to explain the advantages of the different plans on the market.

Life insurance is a fundamental product because the peace of mind of our family depends on it and we must buy the one that best suits our needs. We simply have to put a good price on our days.

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