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Are You Ready for the Storm? Tips to Help You Prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricanes can wreak havoc on our homes and lives. Heavy winds, torrential rains and flooding are all to be expected as hurricanes approach, strike and in their aftermath.

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UniVista Insurance has the following hurricane preparedness tips to help you and your loved ones weather the storm:

  • 1. If you live close to the coast, you should have an evacuation plan in place and a secure refuge during the storm.
  • 2. Store sufficient medications, food, water, raingear, dry clothing, batteries, flashlights, important documents, cash, and make sure you gas up your tank.
  • 3. After the storm, listen to the latest updates from local authorities on current road conditions and potential hazards due to flooding, fallen debris or rescue operations.
  • 4. While meteorological talent and technological tools are helpful in projecting the path of a hurricane, Mother Nature can be very unpredictable and changes may occur quickly or last minute. Advanced reparations and heeding the warning of local and state authorities is vital to protect lives and property from the dangers of a storm.
  • 5. If you are forced to weather a storm, experts recommend that you always stay indoors and away from windows, skylights and glass doors. Interior closets, rooms or bathrooms are the safest options during a hurricane particularly if the threat of roof or wall collapse exists.
  • 6. Remember, the eye of the Hurricane brings a calmness that is deceiving and will shortly resume its fury in full force.
  • 7. Review your insurance coverage and call UniVista Insurance with questions, print evidence of insurance and place it in a sealed plastic bag and be sure to have handy contact information for claims reporting following the storm.

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