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Three reasons to buy term life insurance

The goal of working hard is to create a wealth that guarantees us financial freedom. We strive to achieve the financial state that allows us to face, without major shock, all the unforeseen events of life, including a car accident, the loss of a job, the burning of our property, the expenses produced by a long hospitalization, or the payments of the university studies of our children.

But while we achieve that goal, our family should be protected. For this, we have term life insurance. A policy whose monthly premiums barely reach 35 dollars and its benefits guarantee financial peace of mind for our loved ones.

By purchasing term life insurance, we strengthen the financial peace of our families, since if our death occurs, we will be compensated with what is known as a death benefit.

This financial support would be like a lifeline for our loved ones. It would cover not only the not inconsiderable amount of our funeral, it would also pay the mortgage, and it would be enough to defray the expenses of our children’s university studies.

If, instead of dying, we are disabled, unable to continue working, and contribute to our family, then term life insurance would compensate us.

That said, do not think twice, contact Univista Insurance and obtain all the information about the different life insurance on the market that guarantees financial peace of mind for your loved ones.

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