what is obamacare

What is ObamaCare?

ObamaCare is the extra official name for The Patient Health Protection and Care Act, a health reform law declared on March 23, 2010, by Barack Obama. This law allowed those people who previously did not have access to health insurance to have the opportunity to obtain it.

It is the only patient protection and health care law that currently exists in the United States. It is the only way through which you can get your medical coverage for a full year, that is, between November 1 and December 15, and you will have coverage from January 1 of the following year until December 31.

What fundamental characteristics does it have?

All health plans that qualify for that law must have 10 basic benefits:

  1. Outpatient services, services that are received without being treated in the hospital.
  2. Emergency services.
  3. Hospitalization.
  4. Care before and after your baby is born.
  5. Mental health and substance abuse services; It includes behavioral treatments, counseling and psychotherapy.
  6. Your prescription medications.
  7. Services and devices to help you recover if you are injured or have a disability or chronic illness. This includes physical therapy and occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, psychiatric rehabilitation and more.
  8. Laboratory services.
  9. Preventive services including counseling, exams, vaccinations and chronic illness care.
  10. Pediatric services; includes dental and vision care.

Under this law, if your personal or family income qualifies between 100% and 138% of the level of poverty established in the United States, you may qualify for this government assistance or subsidy. What does this mean, that you are going to pay a minimum premium on very low deductible plans.

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Basically, Obamacare is the possibility of acquiring health insurance at a low cost, since the government is responsible for subsidizing the rest.

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