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Floods: I told you

There is an expression that is not enjoyed when saying it to a friend or a loved one when we have been unable to convince him to change his attitude or take necessary action for his own good or that of his family, and the fact that we try to prevent occurs. Then there is no choice but to bellow bitterly: “I told you so.”
We have been explaining to Floridians for a whole year the importance of having flood insurance. We said that it was not worth hiding behind the justifications that argued that “this area has never been flooded”, or “this insurance is not mandatory.” We explained that, due to the subsoil conditions and the geographical characteristics of this peninsula, all places are susceptible to flooding, that 25% of flood claims originate in low-risk areas.
Well, look at the damage left by the rains of Storm Eta. There are still places flooded under the waters. The worst part is that most of the damaged properties did not have flood insurance. Owners now have to face alone the heavy expenses they incur to eliminate water damage.
They say that 19 years ago it didn’t rain like this. They also say that the pumping stations did not work as they should. Whatever the cause, the reality is that the damage has been done and it was not for lack of warning. I told you, call Univista and get flood insurance. In Florida it’s not about whether my house is going to flood, the right concern is when is it going to flood?
I warn you again, buy flood insurance as soon as possible, keep in mind that these policies generally do not come into effect until a month after the first payment. Don’t waste any more time, call Univista Insurance and you can have very cheap insurance for the next flood.

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