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Platinum or bronze, which plan is right for me?

Platinum or bronze, which plan is right for me? Until next January 15, the enrollment period for Obamacare, the federally subsidized medical plan, is open. However, one of the most recurrent doubts that arise when choosing the medical plan is which one to decide on bronze, silver, gold, or platinum? A question that may well be translated into: should I pay more or less for the monthly premium?
At this point, it is appropriate to clarify that access to medical services for all plans is the same, as is the quality of treatment.
The reality indicates that, by paying a low monthly premium, -that is, a bronze plan- the outlay will be higher, when it comes to needing medical attention, consultations, hospitalizations, or buying prescription drugs. If the monthly premium is higher, all the expenses associated with health care will be lower.
To determine which is the best plan to choose, it is necessary to establish the correct balance between the monthly outlay and the number of times one plans to use the policy annually. That is, if your family members are healthy and do not go to the doctor, it might be enough to buy a plan with a low monthly premium, such as bronze.
If, on the other hand, you or a family member need regular treatments or visit the doctor regularly, it is best to opt for a plan with higher premiums – platinum or gold – so that the out-of-pocket costs for treatments are as low as possible. Remember that when a platinum plan is purchased, the insurer pays 90% of medical expenses, there are no deductibles and the insured only pays 10% of the bill for the services received. In other words, a considerable saving for a person who must receive regular treatments. On the other hand, the insured must feel financially comfortable with the monthly payment of the plan he chooses. If a platinum plan seems too much for you, you could opt for another with a lower monthly outlay such as gold.
As you can see, there is no better plan than another. The right plan depends on the pocket and the medical condition of each family. Platinum or bronze, which plan is right for me?
Therefore, when you call Univista Insurance, the medical insurance specialists will share with you all the necessary information and explain the differences between the plans so that you can choose the one that best suits yours.

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