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Why does Little Mouse Pérez pay more for another child’s teeth?

Recently a great controversy arose about how much it was correct for Little Mouse Pérez to leave children under the pillow when they changed their baby teeth. We know that, in the Hispanic world, it is customary to give a few coins to children once they lose their baby teeth. A custom that makes what can be considered the first childhood trauma bearable, the loss of his teeth.

Well, it all started because Guille’s father found out that Borja’s little mouse had left her $ 50 per tooth, while her son only $ 2. Why did Little Mouse Pérez pay more for Borja’s teeth? Guille asked disconsolately.

Guille’s father, somewhat angry, addressed a letter via Facebook to Ratoncito Pérez, which went viral. In it, he asked, “measure those mice that leave so much money.” Because “the positive goal of tradition” could have the opposite result, if some children, when raising their pillows, find a dollar or two, while others find real fortunes.

Recently, Ratón Pérez came up to Guille’s father and answered his letter:

Dear Father of Guille:

I am sorry that you feel bad about the small gifts that I left for Borja under your pillow. It was not my intention to offend. Borja’s teeth really were unique pieces. That boy brushes his teeth twice a day and worries about keeping them healthy. Borja’s father used dental insurance to take him frequently to the dentist, where he received fluoride treatment.

Twice a year, he scheduled prophylactic cleanings and, in addition, those highly valued teeth had a sealing treatment that protected their enamel.

Unfortunately, Guille’s teeth were dirty, decayed with traces of sugar. They were never at a dentist and still left him two bucks.

Yes, it is in your hands that your child’s teeth are healthy. The cheapest way to do this is to have dental insurance that covers the prophylactic treatments necessary for children.

Univista Insurance can help you find the best dental coverage near your home. In the end, the Little Mouse Pérez will reward you.

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