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Who really needs life insurance?

It is very easy to explain the importance of having life insurance to anyone with two heads up. The difficult thing to achieve is that the interlocutor assumes in the first person the need to acquire it.

Who really needs life insurance?

When you talk to a single young man about life insurance, they look at you in amazement and disbelief, as if it were a practical joke. The surprise is so great that many, with a smile on their lips, look around them like someone trying to discover a hidden camera.

What these young people don’t know is that anyone can die. You don’t have to be exactly older for this to happen. If we are practical, we would have to assume that if a young unmarried person passes away, in addition to the terrible pain that their loss inflicts on their parents, it leaves them unprotected. And possibly in debt. Because it is the parents who will have to face the necessary expenses for the funeral and burial.

However, buying life insurance when you are young is so cheap that it is well worth doing.

Married couples, who do not have children, are not very inclined to purchase life insurance. They have bank accounts together, they have bought a house together, they make plans for the future, however, life insurance is perceived as something foreign to them. Well, they are wrong, life insurance should be part of the love package that they profess as a couple. If one of them dies, the survivor will be burdened with debt and pain.

Retired people do well to aspire to live life to the fullest and without great obligations or ties, enjoying the satisfaction of the duty accomplished. So after sacrificing themselves to raise their children, help them pay for school, and buy their homes, they don’t want to hear about life insurance.

However, the benefits of life insurance could well be the icing on a life full of love and dedication for your family. Above all, taking into account that any inheritance that he leaves to the children will be taxed with large taxes. While the death benefit fulfills the same function and does not have any encumbrance.

In short, life insurance is not only interesting for parents with small children and businessmen loaded with debt, it is essential for anyone who has a family and feels a minimum of love for it.

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